Special Testing Services

Power transformers are some of the most vital components in today’s transmission and distribution infrastructure. Transformer failures cost enormous amounts of money in unexpected outages and unscheduled maintenance. It is important to avoid these failures and make testing and diagnostics reliable and efficient.

Some potential mechanical and electrical problems can be detected directly by testing, some by direct inference by analyzing collected samples of oil & some by indirect inference like collecting fingerprint data to detect electro-mechanical problems.

SFRA Test detects problems such as:

  • Winding deformations and displacements
  • Shorted turns and open windings
  • Loosened clamping structures
  • Broken clamping structures
  • Core connection problems
  • Partial winding collapse
  • Faulty core grounds
  • Core movements

Other special electrical testing include those for Transformer Substation involving Power, Distribution and Instrument Transformers, as well as a variety of other substation components. These special testing services encompass the following turns ratio, excitation current, winding and contact resistance, impedance, tan delta/power factor testing and various primary tests for LV, MV and HV electrical apparatus including but not limited to:

  • Power & distribution transformers
  • Instrument transformers
  • Bushings
  • LV, MV and HV circuit-breakers
  • Busbars
  • Protection relays
  • Grounding systems

Global Power Test is well equipped with the state-of-art equipment that replaces numerous individual testing devices which makes testing, a time saving and cost effective alternative to conventional measurements using separate instruments. The versatility of our equipment and friendly user interface allows fully manual control where the user defines a specific test setup & the tests can be organized and reported as separate tests or as a combined full set of test results for the same asset.

Arbiter`S GPS Satellite Clock
Go/No-Go Insulation Tester
Digital Ground Resistance Tester
Rotating Machine Testing
Protective Relay SFRA
PD Testing
Step & Touch Voltage Detector
Winding Resistance Measurement