Our Technical Training Centre

As part of our effort towards social responsibility and our initiative to be part of the Government`s realization of the Skilled High Quality Human Capital, GPT is proud to announce that it is embarking on a full-fledged training center specifically to meet the demands for skilled Testing & Commissioning Engineers in the Rail and Power Infrastructure industries.

We have partnered with both local institutions overseas, to provide curriculum and technical skilled training relevant to the industry now and in the future.  Technically sound trainers and lecturers with more than 20  years of testing & commissioning experience in the field of Rail network , Power Generation, T & D, and Utility System will be deployed to prepare them to take up the industry challenges, especially the recent Government`s expedient interest in enhancing public transportation and renewable energy.

GPT Technical Training Centre shall initially engage graduates from grass root level to prepare them to meet the dearth of skilled T&C engineers in the market, either by placing them under our company or under contract with potential clients. We hope that these Engineers acquainted with Technical Skills will be a strong backbone for the industry in the future.

GPT`s is well positioned to embark on this ambitious program due to its:-

  • Good relationship with major Contracting firms, Testing Agencies & Substation Apparatus Manufacturers
  • The center has a dedicated team of professional instructors and trainers will provide theoretically as well as practically along with site experience examples of domestic and abroad
  • Investment in hands-on equipment which ensure Quality result for your training investment