Transformer Residual Life Testing

Predictive Diagnosis Oil test

Ensuring and enhancing the reliability of both the installation and function of transformers round the clock is of prime concern to all asset owners.

Poorly maintained Oil Transformers in the Power Utility Infrastructures can result in great risks to human life, the asset and business continuity.

Transformer Oil testing is a proven loss prevention technique which should be a part of any condition based predictive maintenance program. This early warning system will allow maintenance management to identify maintenance priorities, plan work assignment schedules, arrange for external service and order the necessary parts.

Global Power Test Sdn Bhd (GPT) in partnership with Select Solution of Australia, which has been accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) is able to provide Transformer Oil Gas Analysis services to clients nationwide, providing assistance in diagnosis of transformer problems.

Global Power Test will help you to adopt, manage and enrich your maintenance plan. Our predictive service delivers an exhaustive reporting on the fluid diagnosis depending on the service contracted.

Three packages are available:

  • Package 1 – DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) and Screen Test (Moisture Content, Acidity, Dielectric strength, Interfacial Tension & Colour) which is basically to characterise the physio-Chemical of the Transformer fluid – Assessing the quality of the dielectric fluid.
  • Package 2 – involves Furan, Power factor, and Particles content tests including Package 1, which is a comprehensive analysis, assessing the degree of decay of the insulating system surface.
  • Package 3 – OLTC Analysis is important for all Power Transformers, as 50% of the Power Transformer failures are due to On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) failures. Therefore it is useful to determine the OLTC ageing process in an adequate and reliable way.

All of these tests form an integral part of diagnostic testing, conditioning, and monitoring programmes in maintaining & sustaining Power Utility assets, providing a window into the internal workings of your critical asset and an overall health report & condition assessment for early detection of insulation deterioration and potential failure modes.

Sample Collection
As part of the services sample collection is now available in all parts of Malaysia. We have dedicated team to assist in the collection and special collection bottles are provided at no cost.