Power Quality & Energy Monitoring Services

PQube 3 – is the BEST solution for Power Quality & Energy Management

PQube3 is tiny and is the ONLY instrument that continuously measures and records all conducted emissions in the 2kHz to 150kHz range. It is the smallest high precision power quality and energy monitor available. Can be installed virtually anywhere you need to measure emissions. It can be installed on a DIN‐rail in an electrical panel, embedded into sensitive equipment, installed in an enclosure in a substation or mounted on utility poles. PQube3 records 24/7 no matter what! It powers from 24VAC, 24‐48VDC, POE (Ethernet) or from 100‐240VAC (option). It comes with an optional plug‐in UPS battery back‐up that you can configure for up to 1 hour.

PQube3 records, every minute, the minimum/average/peak amplitudes on each frequency band. It also reports the highest peak values reached during the day and their frequency band. PQube3 comes with 4 additional AC or DC voltage inputs, 1 digital input and up to 2 optional environment sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, mechanical shocks…). Those are ideal for capturing windows of spurious harmonics signatures. PQube3 automatically sends you a daily email with attachments: ASCII (CSV) file and with graphs (GIF), and also sends email upon occurrence of power quality disturbances. With a 3G or a LAN connection, PQube 3 reports the surges and / or sags in real time (via Modbus TCP)! Even if you have No access to the network, you can use a USB memory stick to configure your PQube3 and download the recorded measurements (or with the extractible micro SD card). The measurements are stored for months into a 16GB internal memory.

And it is Fully Class A compliant with the new Edition 3 of IEC 61000‐4‐30 (Power quality measurement methods)